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Welcome to the October 2022 3BC Missions Newsletter.  In this newsletter you will find opportunities to pray, give, and go.  Our mission statement comes from Acts 1:8 where we are told to be witnesses to the entire world.  3BC has adopted this verse as our ministry strategy to be witnesses locally and across the world.  As you read through this newsletter you can begin to pray by name for missions that we support.  In addition, you can click into websites that will help acquaint you with their ministries.  You will also find opportunities for upcoming mission trips that you can be a part of.  Our desire, through publishing this newsletter, is that you will become active in the missions of 3BC as we attempt to be witnesses “in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  Acts 1:8
Witnessing in our Jerusalem 
Opportunity to Pray 
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
  • Good Shepherd Children’s Home 
  • Journey Home 
  • Last Call for Grace 
  • Portico 
  • Renewed Life Ministries 
  • Stepping Stones Safe Haven Ministry 
Opportunity to Go
3BC is looking for members of our church to be liaisons between these mission groups and Duane, the missions pastor.  If that sounds intriguing to you, please contact Duane.
On October 22, 3BC will be hosting an event for ELS (English Language School).  This event usually has between 30-40 international students attending with the opportunity for these students to participate in conversational English.
Witnessing in our Judea 
Opportunity to Pray 
  • Redeemer Church, St. Albans, VT – Michael Badger, Lead Pastor 
  • To subscribe to the North American Mission Board prayer letter subscribe here.  https://www.namb.net/pray/connect 
Opportunity to Go
3BC is sending a group of six missionaries to spend four days in St. Albans, VT, to begin our partnership with Redeemer Church.  Michael Badger is the pastor at Redeemer Church. Our team will be the lead vanguard giving 3BC vision for future mission trips with this church.  On Saturday, we will be participating in a pro-life conference being held at Redeemer Church.  Vermont is one of the states that is very pro-abortion and is trying to codify abortion in their state.  Redeemer Church is holding a conference for churches to know how to be pro-life in this state.
Witnessing in our Samaria
Opportunity to Pray
Pastor Olivio Vasquez, Primera Iglesia Bautista
Daniel, Lara, and Family – Mexico
Olivia – Mexico
Pastor César Norberto Badillo Garduño, Iglesia Bautista Mision de Cristo
Opportunity to Go 
Pastor Jorge is leading a group of six to do missions in Epazoyucan, Hidalgo México.  3BC is partnering with Iglesia Bautista Misión de Cristo. Iglesia Bautista Misión de Cristo is a new church plant in the small town of Epazoyucan. We will be leading VBS, providing Women's Bible Study, preaching, and evangelizing.  3BC ordained  César Norberto Badillo Garduño to the gospel ministry on Oct 25, 2019.  He is the pastor of this church.
Witnessing to the Ends of the Earth 
Opportunity to Pray 
  • Rowan and Eleanor James – Mid East 
  • Will, Beth, and Family – SouthEast Asia 
  • Ben, Lynsey, and Family – SouthEast Asia 
  • This is the website for praying for missions to the ends of the earth.  
  • Ruel and Tiffany Godbey - Eastern Europe 
  •  https://www.imb.org/pray/ 
Opportunity to Go 
Be listening for announcements concerning an upcoming trip to India.
In all of these areas 3BC gives you the Opportunity to Give to our World Missions Offering that allows us to use our finances to reach our Jerusalem, our Judea, our Samaria, and the ends of the earth. 

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