There are three areas where you may give to support 3BC's Ministries:

Ministry Action Plan (MAP)

The MAP is the operations budget for 3BC. It supports the ongoing ministries of the church, provides funding that compensates the ministerial and support staff, funds the general operations and upkeep of the church's facilities, and helps support ministries of our association, state, and national conventions.

World Missions Offering

The World Missions Offering is 3BC's method of giving to missions year round. Every dollar given to the World Mission Offering goes to support missions.

The monies given are divided in the following percentages: 

35% International Mission Board (Lottie Moon) 

20% North American Mission Board (Annie Armstrong) 

13% Tennessee Baptist Missions (Golden State Missions) 

5% Tennessee Baptist Children's Home (Mother's Day Offering)

2% Tennessee Baptist Adult Home (Father's Day Offering)

25% 3BC Missions Projects

3BC Annual Fund

The 3BC Annual Fund is our yearly capital fund raising campaign that pays off debt and supports

3-5 projects each year outside of the annual operating budget (MAP).

If you'd like to give online, click here