Keith K. Myatt

The Personnel Committee and Pastors of Third Baptist Church are excited to announce the Lord's leadership to Keith K. Myatt as a prospective full-time teaching pastor. We feel strongly that God has worked to bring together Keith and Third Baptist Church as we look for a pastor to teach the Word in our Sunday gatherings, as well as other opportunities throughout the week. 

Keith, Heather, Kara Jane and Kendrick will come in view of a call on July 20-21. There will be ample opportunity for everyone to meet Keith & Heather, as well as hear Keith speak to passion of preaching God's word to God's people.


On Saturday, July 20, our Life Group leaders and church members are invited to meet Keith at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. After that meeting, around 11:15 am, Keith will meet with our deacons. On Sunday, July 21, Keith will preach in our morning worship. At the conclusion of our worship, we'll have a called Member's Meeting so that the church can vote to call Keith as teaching pastor. 

We are excited to have Keith, Heather, and the children, and look forward to the days ahead as we follow God's call to do kingdom-work in Murfreesboro and beyond. 

The Process

On April 7, 2019, Trevin Wax, our part-time teaching pastor, resigned to focus on work, family, and writing projects. Since the start of his tenure in January 2017, we were always aware that Trevin's work responsibilities and opportunities could create a barrier for extended pastoral ministry here at 3BC.

Trevin informed us toward the end of 2018 that, in 2019, he would need to transition out of his responsibilities as teaching pastor. With that information, leadership at 3BC began meeting to evaluate our needs moving forward. The Church Council met and decided that, first, we were pleased with the current plurality of pastors model, formally approved by the church in 2016. Second, we felt that any teaching pastor that would be called would need to be full-time.

With that information, the council commissioned the personnel committee, at the proper time, to search for a candidate for a full-time teaching pastor, who would work within the bounds of the current plurality model. After Trevin's resignation, the committee announced the opening on and, two websites that serve as resources to connect churches and pastors. We also contacted leadership at our seminaries for recommendations of candidates to meet our criteria.

The committee received over 130 resumes from individuals seeking to serve as teaching pastor at 3BC. Through a thorough process, the committee narrowed the pool to seven candidates. It was at that point the pastors contacted each candidate and vetted each one regarding theology, commitment to Southern Baptist polity and missions, and philosophy of discipling. In the meantime, both committee and pastors listened to and/or viewed sermons preached by each candidate.

  At the conclusion of the process, the committee and pastors were able to meet Keith, Heather and their children in Murfreesboro and are unanimous in pursuing Keith Myatt as our teaching pastor.

Job Description

The teaching pastor will be a full-time position, primarily responsible for all preaching duties on Sunday. In addition, the teaching pastor will be responsible for the formation of all MidWeek classes, leading Men's Book Study, and teaching on Wednesday evenings in the MidWeek program.

The teaching pastor will also lead the current discipling ministry at 3BC, meeting with leaders regularly, praying with them, and providing training and encouragement. He will coordinate and plan all THIRDtalks for the church.

Other responsibilities will include pastoral ministry - hospital visitation, funerals, weddings, and pastoral counseling. To see the full job description, click HERE.

The Committee & council


Mark Moore, Executive Pastor (Chair)

Stan Jackson (Chair of Deacons)

Morris Spence (Vice-chair of Deacons)

Chris Kelly (Chair of Personnel)

Kim Gaither (Chair of Trustees)

Patrick Lile (Chair of Stewardship)


Chris Kelly (Chair)

Alex Windings (Vice-chair)

Jackie Briggs

Shawn Hicklen

Judy Sisk

Diane Smith

Bruce Wrather

Personal Information

Keith was born March 24, 1989. He has been married to Heather for six years. They have two children, Kara Jane (3 years) and Kendrick (5 months).

Keith was ordained into the gospel ministry by Brainerd Baptist Church in
Chattanooga, TN, May 28, 2014.


In 2011, Keith received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business-General Management from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In 2018, he received a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy degree with an emphasis in Preaching, also from SEBTS.

Keith's testimony


Keith embodies the character qualifications God requires in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 for the pastoral office. His love for God’s Word, passion for the lost, commitment to integrity, and heart for the Church are evident in his ministry, devotion, and family. In conjunction with his character, Keith has also demonstrated the necessary spiritual gifts in accordance with his calling and, more specifically, possesses the heart, skills, and ability to minister effectively to students and families. In addition, his devotion to his wife, Heather, and their family epitomizes the godly character that is indicative of his ability to lead in the ministry of the church. ..I personally support and affirm him in the high, holy, and humble calling as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Dr. Scott Pace

Johnny Hunt Chair of Biblical Preaching

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Keith loves to preach, has a clear sense of calling and loves the local church.

Dr. Chuck Lawless

Dean of Doctoral Studies

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Keith exhibits high moral and ethical standards...strong preacher and good expositor... serious, constantly looking to improve...good husband, good father.

Dr. Jim Shaddix

W.A. Criswell Chair of Expository Preaching

Southeastern Theological Baptist Seminary

Ministry Experience

As a full-time student in the PhD program at SEBTS, Keith is very involved in the local church, as well as preaching in churches in the area. At his church, Restoration Church, in Wake Forest, NC, Keith is currently a Small Group Leader and also serves as a Worship Gathering Setup Team Leader. In addition, He serves as the director of Starting Point (membership class). In 2012-2014, Keith served in the student ministry at Brainerd Baptist Church, leaving in 2015 to begin work at SEBTS.

Keith preaches frequently in area churches around the Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC, area. He is one of two students chosen by the preaching faculty to preach in chapel at SEBTS. Keith is a recipient of the Mark Corts Preaching Award, "awarded to a student who demonstrates excellence in expository preaching and shows great promise for pulpit ministry in the local church."

Keith taught preaching and exposition to Burmese seminary students and pastors in Myanmar and, recently, was asked to join Brainerd Baptist Church's students on mission, preaching at each outreach event.


Listen to Keith's sermon from Colossians, and watch the video below as Keith preaches from Matthew.

"Rooted in Christ" - Colossians 3:1-17

Restoration Church, Wake Forest, NC - November 4, 2018