Student Pastor

Job Description

The pastor to students is called to minister to the congregation of Third Baptist Church, working alongside the pastors, deacons, and members to implement the mission and values of the church. The pastor to students will be responsible for helping to equip students as well as members of Third Baptist Church primarily by the sound teaching of the Word of God. In addition, the pastor to students will give assistance to all ministries as they seek to teach the Word of God and make disciples who make disciples.

The job will include, but is not limited to:

1. The preaching and teaching of God’s Word to our students.

2. The ministry to the congregation of Third Baptist Church through typical pastoral duties, such as hospital visitation, funerals, weddings, counseling, prayer, etc.

3. Enlisting, training, and providing support to middle school and high school Life Group leaders.

4. Coordinate and lead the MidWeek student ministry worship meeting.

5. Develop and implement a strategy to reach the lost of the middle school and high school campuses of Murfreesboro and Rutherford Co.

6. Have an active presence in the lives of students through activities and a presence at school activities.

7. Develop leaders within the student ministry.

8. Coordinate and lead activities for both outreach and evangelism, seeking to share the gospel and disciple students.

9. Develop relationships with parents of students, encouraging and teaching them to be the primary spiritual influence in the lives of their students.

10. Encourage and nurture those students who have expressed a calling for ministry.

11. Be active and participate in all pastoral responsibilities of our congregation.

12. Have an understanding of the plurality of elders model, and the willingness to work alongside the pastors of 3BC to accomplish the mission and values of the church.

13. Possess a willingness to be accountable to the pastors, both spiritually and temporally, so that he may be above reproach.

14. Have a willingness to follow the leadership of the executive pastor working in tandem with the pastors, displaying unity as we lead the congregation.

The qualifications of the pastor to students include:

1. Meeting the scriptural qualities of an elder as seen in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

2. Meeting the scriptural qualities of a shepherd as seen in 1 Peter 5:1-5.

3. A clear personal testimony and profession of faith coupled with a proven record of ministry and service.

4. Evidence of being a gifted communicator.

5. Advanced knowledge of theology and doctrine.

6. A passion for spiritual growth and discipleship.

7. A commitment to evangelism.

8. Possess an energy and passion for discipling students.

9. An awareness of contemporary culture and the church’s response.

10. An advanced degree in ministry, Bible, or preaching along with a clear giftedness to preach the Word.

11. A knowledge of Southern Baptist doctrine and polity, with a commitment to cooperate with SBC mission efforts.

12. Agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.

In summary, the candidate should have a passion for the ministry and proclamation of the Gospel, clearly possessing the gifts of his calling as a pastor to students. An advanced degree in ministry, Bible, or preaching is required, as well as the verbal and written skills necessary to promote ministry. A clear ability and ease in relating to people from all walks of life is necessary.

The position requires 40 hours/week, but may demand more, as needed. Typical weekly requirements would include:

1. Preparing for Sunday morning small groups and participation in worship leadership for the Sunday gathering.

2. Preparing for MidWeek activities, consisting of student worship and pastor teaching.

3. Advance preparation for all student activities.

4. Attend and participate in a weekly staff meeting.

5. Hospital visitation and other pastoral duties.

6. Preparing for and meeting with a discipleship group of 2-3, consisting of adult leaders and/or students.

7. Participate in a weekly accountability time with the pastors.

8. Activities that would help shepherd, develop, and inspire the students of Third Baptist Church.

9. Plan and prepare for future student ministry events and church-wide meetings that would accomplish the mission and values of Third Baptist Church.

Salary/benefits is commensurate with experience.