Social Media

Social Media is a great way to get connected to each other and stay informed about all kinds of events at 3BC.  Whether it's Twitter or Face Book, we want to be an encouragement to each other and build community.  So, follow us on Twitter and check out our Face Book page to see what's going on at 3BC.


We like to tweet!  If you're out in the community, take a pic and tweet it using the hashtag #3BCiamthird.  If you're here on Sunday morning, and hear a song lyric or a point from the pastor's sermon you want to get out, use the hashtag #3BCgathering.  As always, follow us on Twitter!






The 3BC Face Book page is a great way to keep up with much of what's going on in the 3BC community.  And, if you need to check the latest updates or news, the page is an active line of communication.

Face Book Page

Our 3BC Face Book page is the best way to join the community at Third and see what's happening.  Pictures of all our events are uploaded often, and it's a great way to communicate prayer requests and encouragement to everyone.

Face Book group

Face Book