North American

3BC has a long history of serving North America. From Montana to Newfoundland, from Cincinnati to Houston, 3BC has answered the call to share the gospel on this side of the world. The opportunities to serve on short-term trips in 2019 are approaching.

Disaster Relief

3BC has sent teams into some of the worst disasters in our nation's history. Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina devastated the communities of Houston and New Orleans. Our teams answered the call to go and help.

We are always ready to go. If you're interested in serving on the disaster relief team, contact Steve.


3BC has partnered with Tercera Iglesia Bautista in Tierra Blanca, Mexico, for several years. Each year, 3BC sends a medical/contruction team to Tierra Blanca, as well as a team to do general outreach with the church there in Tierra Blanca.

Over the past several years, 3BC has built deep relationships with the church and community there. From medical work to building a church to holding revival meetings, 3BC has seen the gospel grow in that region of Mexico. 

Upcoming trips

Plainfield, VT / June 15-22, 2019

Outreach/Building Repairs

We will be partnering with Journey Fellowship Church and aiding them in community outreach and small building repairs. Estimated cost is $400 and will be limited to ten people.

Mexico City, Mexico / July 18-26, 2019

Student Ministry

Tierra Blanca, Mexico / January 10-18, 2020


For this trip, we are in need of the following donations:

Adult vitamins (no gummies), children's chewable vitamins (no gummies or iron)

Imodium AD, Tums, Rolaids

Multi-symptom cold & allergy medicine, Children's cold & allergy medicine

Hydrocortisone cream, triple antibiotic ointment, A & D ointment

Tylenol and Ibrupofen (or generic), Children's Tylenol and Ibuprofen (or generic)

Inexpensive sunglasses