Missions is anything that we do that helps us take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost.

The strategy has been given to us by our Savior in Acts 1:8:

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

Jerusalem  is anything we do to take the Gospel to our city and county

We are involved in and partnered with ministries that help us accomplish our Jerusalem missions: Members of 3BC using their Platforms throughout our city/county each day.

     Food Pantry (on-site at 3BC)

     S4 Project (supporting Mitchell-Neilson Schools)

     Fellowship of Christian Athletes

     Portico (formerly known as Pregnancy Support Center)

     The Journey Home

     180 Degrees Ministries

     Stepping Stones Safe Haven Ministry

     Disaster Relief

     Various other ministries and projects

Judea  is anything we do to take the Gospel to our nation

We are partnered with Velocity Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Velocity Church is a church plant that had their first preview service on July 29, 2012, and began regular services on October 7, 2012. Steven Staton is their pastor. We are looking forward to a long partnership with Steven and Velocity Church for years to come. Go to www.velocitychurch.me to begin to get to know Steven and Velocity Church. If you would like to read the most recent update from Steven, click here.

Samaria  is anything we do to take the Gospel to North America

We are now working with a church plant in Tierra Blanca, Chiapas, Mexico. It's name is First Baptist Church of Tierra Blanca. We are deeply involved in the history of this church. The Pastor is Olivio Vazquez. He came to America and was led to Christ in our Hispanic congregation. He returned to his home town, started a Bible study with eight of his family members and now has a church of 70 persons. 

Ends of the Earth  is anything we do to take the Gospel beyond the borders of North America

3BC Pescara, Italy Partnership

Since July 2017, we have partnered with the Reformed Baptist Church in Chieti, Italy to help plant a church in Pescara, Italy. The IMB has begun partnering with the Evangelical Reformed Baptist Churches in Italy (CERBI) (12 churches in this fellowship) to plant churches. The TBC is partnering with Italy to plant churches and spread the gospel in Italy.

The partnership is planned to last 6 years.

3BC has been asked to partner with Jake and Deb Goforth in Pescara, Italy. Jake and Deb have been in Italy for 2 ½ years. They have been in Naples during that time, but starting in September 2017, they will be based in Pescara to plant a church.

For 7 years the church in Chieti has been going to Pescara for street witnessing, hoping to plant a church in Pescara. They have been praying at the same time for God to open doors for this church plant to begin. They believe that Jake and Deb are answers to that prayer.

Our desire would be to have 3BC take 4-6 trips a year consisting of 6-8 people on each trip. The trips will mostly consist of being involved in doing creative events in the community to bring people in contact with the church. From time to time there may also be work trips to help work on the church building.

Past partnerships:

St. Johns, Newfoundland

Brussels, Belgium

Santiago, Chile

Bonn, Germany

3BC encourages members to not only pray for the lost but to GO to the lost and share the Gospel. Whether it's your neighborhood, your school, your office or Tennessee, Tierra Blanca, Chiapas, Mexico, or Namur, members of 3BC should always be on mission with Jesus! Talk with one of the Pastors about how you can be on mission!

Upcoming Mission Trips

June 13-21, 2018 | Tierra Blanca, Mexico | 3BC Student Ministry

August 10-12, 2018 | Cincinnati, Ohio | open to anyone

Mexico mission trip - march 2018

italy mission trip - march 2018