Explore the Bible - Acts 13-28

Shad Carnes ~ For all adults

In Acts 1:8 Jesus told His disciples that when the Holy Spirit came upon them, which He did in Acts 2, they would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. Acts 13-28 is the record of the gospel’s advance to the ends of the earth. What began in Jerusalem (ch. 1) will make its way to Rome (ch. 28). What started with the Jews will make its way to the Gentiles. What started with its focus on Peter (chs. 1-12) will conclude with its focus on Paul (chs. 13-28). The Holy Spirit will direct every step. Jesus will be exalted at every turn. The gospel will go forth in unstoppable power.

Visual Theology

Lannie Hudson ~ For all adults

We live in a visual culture. Today, people increasingly rely upon visuals to help them understand new and difficult concepts. The rise and stunning popularity of the Internet infographic has given us a new way in which to convey data, concepts and ideas.

But the visual portrayal of truth is not a novel idea. Indeed, God himself used visuals to teach truth to his people. The tabernacle of the Old Testament was a visual representation of man’s distance from God and God’s condescension to his people. Each part of the tabernacle was meant to display something of man’s treason against God and God’s kind response. Likewise, the sacraments of the New Testament are visual representations of man’s sin and God’s response. Even the cross was both reality and a visual demonstration.

Learn the concepts and principles of systematic theology in a fresh, beautiful and informative way.

God Move Here

Steve Hutson ~ for all adults

God Move Here is a hands-on, real approach to be able to introduce our friends, neighbors, and city to Jesus. Starting at the beginning, our own relationship with Jesus, this series helps us to engage the people around us as we pray, “God Move Here.”