Bible Journaling

Kim Kelly & Leslie Lickey, Room 205 (Conference Room)

Bible journaling is a new way to experience God's Word using your personal creativity. Bible journaling involved praying over the Word, searching for personal meaning and application of God's truths, recording Scripture and committing The Word to your heart. The beauty of journaling is that you don't have to be a skilled artist. You just need to be willing to experience God and His Word in a creative way. Bring your Bible, paper and colored pens or pencils.

Practical Money Skills

Stan Jackson, Room 212-D

This class will help you prepare a budget to manage your resources and guide your daily spending. We will cover the best way to pay off any outstanding debt in the most practical manner so you can begin saving for your future.

Forged in Faith: How Faith Shaped the Birth of a Nation 1607-1776

Doug Demosi, Room 212-A

This fascinating history, based on meticulous research into the correspondence and documentation of the founding fathers leading up to and encompassing the crafting of the Declaration of Independence, sheds light on how the Judeo-Christian worldview motivated America's founding fathers, influenced national independence, inspired our foundational documents, and established the American nation. Written with the pacing and drama of an enticing drama, Forged in Faith is crafted for popular appeal with a compelling mix of dramatized story and action-driven narrative, yet with the authenticity and academic verity of historian Rod Gragg.

Foundations: Answers in Genesis

Vern Morris & Patrick Lile, Room 212-C

This DVD series consists of 6 lessons by leading apologist Ken Ham. While our world has decided the Bible is out of date, and that the words of Jesus aren't always true, this series will address these concerns and we'll learn how to react to the world's philosophy in way that, hopefully, leads others to Christ.