At 3BC, adults have the opportunity to grow along with others. The challenges of parenting, marriage, work, caring for aging parents, and so on, can be shared and met in our Bible study groups. And, it's a great place to meet others who have similar experiences in life.  While you're involved Bible study groups, know too, that you'll be encouraged to grow and live your faith as you study God's Word together. If you have children, you can know that they, too, are able to be involved with others as they learn to grow in their faith. 


We have an exciting group of Senior Adults who are interested in building relationships, having fun, and understanding more about the Gospel. Within our Senior Adult Ministry, we have a number of options to meet a variety of needs. We try to have a day-trip each month; this information is available on this website through the events tab.

Our seniors are actively involved throughout the church, so we are confident we have the perfect place for you. Within our Senior Adult Life Groups, we have a variety of service projects and plenty of exciting things to do. Our Senior Adults share their wisdom through mentoring and testimonies, while continuing to be some of our best encouragers. We want you to be involved in ministry and enjoy spending time with each other. Being a Senior Adult at 3BC is a great thing!