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crafts supply list

If you would like to participate in crafts, following is a list of items you will need to complete the crafts:

Washer Bracelet

7/8" flat, metal washers**

Strands of cord in various colors**

Pony beads**

Extra fine tip permanent marker

Etched in Steel Cross

Self-adhesive jewels**

Aluminum foil

Self-adhesive magnet strips

Dull pencils

A sheet of craft foam**

Popsicle Stick Box

60 Small popsicle sticks

White glue

Dump Truck Foot Painting


Yellow paint

Orange and brown paint or markers

Black marker

Build-able Rock Slime

1/2 cup Clear school glue

1/4 cup liquid starch (Elmer's magical liquid)

1 cup Aquarium rocks (smooth)**

Mixing bowl

Strong spoon

Toys like trucks and sand toys

**Items marked are available upon request at the church. If you will park in our parking lot and call us during office hours and someone will bring the items out to your car.