Covid-19 Exposure & Pastoral Response

Dear 3BC Family:


Last week, we had over 25 students and adults attend CentriFuge, a week-long summer camp for students at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. The camp was attended by student groups from several churches and led by Lifeway. By all accounts, it was a great week of worship, Bible study, and fellowship for students, highlighted by professions of faith by two of our students.


Our students returned from camp this past Saturday and attended Life groups and worship Sunday morning. On Monday, we learned that several who attended camp tested positive for Covid. As of Wednesday morning, we are aware of seven who attended camp who have tested positive for Covid.


We have examined contact tracing for this exposure, and we have asked several on our staff to quarantine to mitigate the spread of the virus while waiting to see if symptoms appear. In addition, we want to make you aware of possible exposure if you attended worship this past Sunday.


We ask, too, that if you attended Life group and/or worship this past Sunday, and you test positive for Covid this week, please contact Mark Moore or Kim Lang and let us know. This helps us to gauge the severity of this exposure event and helps us make decisions regarding mitigation.


For no other reason than a desire to protect our congregation, we will cancel all activities tonight, and we will not have in-person Life groups or worship on Sunday, August 1. We will proceed with a live-stream of our worship on Sunday morning, as usual.


Our hope is that we will know clearly in the next few days the extent of the exposure, and then resume normal activities next week. In the meantime, we ask you to extend grace, be patient, and pray for Stephen, our students, and their families as they endure these next few weeks of battling this virus.


Mark Moore

Keith Myatt

Jorge Arenivas

Ray Colley

Stephen Starr

Steve Hutson

Duane Geib