Preschool & Kids

Who we are

Our Mission

The mission of 3BC Kids is to see children become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ. By the time a student is old enough to move on to student ministry, it is our goal that he or she is a growing, obedient and dedicated disciple of Christ, is leading others to Christ by the sharing of their faith, and serving as a contributing member in their family, church, and community.

God designed kids to have fun, and here at 3BC Kids want kids to have fun! We seek to balance exciting activities with the life changing truth of the Bible. From our regular meetings to our camps and special events, we play hard and learn about God even more!

Our Focus

Putting Jesus First

Recognizing that everything, from salvation to spiritual growth, is in and because of Jesus Christ alone.

Supporting Families

Equipping, encouraging, and guiding of parents in the biblical leadership role they play in their homes.

Teaching the Bible

Providing a Biblically focused, intentionally Gospel-centered environment that is reaching boys and girls where they are in their lives. 

Weekly Schedule


8:45am LIFE Groups

10:00am Extended Teaching Care (birth - Kindergarten)

10:00am Kids Worship (1st – 3rd grade)

4:00pm Children’s Bible Drill (4th – 6th grade)


6:30pm Gospel Project for Preschool (birth - Kindergarten)

6:30pm XTB: Explore The Bible (1st - 5th grade meet in the Gym)

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