Ephesians: A study

Keith Myatt/dean sisk, worship center

This Midweek session, Keith Myatt and Dean Sisk will be co-teaching through the amazing and profound book of Ephesians. We will cover 1 chapter per week; Keith will teach the first three weeks, and Dean will teach the last three weeks. Join us as we marvel over “the incalculable riches of Christ…according to his eternal purpose accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Eph. 3:8, 11).

you are sent: go & make disciples

john putman, room 212E

What does it look like in 2021 to “go out” into the community on a regular, intentional basis in the power of the Holy Spirit? For the last 4 months a small team from Third Baptist has been seeking God for answers to this question while “going out” to the neighborhood and businesses within a few blocks of our church building. God is giving opportunities to point people to Jesus. Come to this class with curiosity & humility. Be a part of discovering what it means to follow Jesus in this way in 2021. Note: You will be encouraged to “go out” for at least 1 hour of weekly “field work.”