explore the Bible - 1 Timothy

Jeff Duke, Room 212D ~ For all adults

This fall our MidWeek Bible Study class will study 1 Timothy, one of Paul’s pastoral epistles. In this book Paul speaks from seemingly every possible angle about the Christian life – who we are in Christ, how we are to live our new lives in Christ, and even qualities and characteristics of effective church leaders. Paul doesn’t shy away from tough topics and gives clarity as he is inspired by the Holy Spirit to write. Interestingly, one of our church members contributed to writing this Bible Study.  

Sharing the Gospel for Life

Kris Smotherman, Room 212C ~ for all adults

What would Jesus do if He were among us today? Our Lord and Savior left us with a mission, the model of His earthly life, the motivation of His eternal love, and the Holy Spirit to show us the Way. Explore the biblical principles of sharing your faith by living out the model of Jesus’ life, the Great Commandments, and the Great Commission through the relationships God has brought into your Life. 

Theological foundations 2

Aaron earls, Room 212E ~ For all adults

Aaron Earls continues his study of systematic theology. If you missed Theological Foundations 1, don’t feel like you can’t attend this class. In systematic theology a person can study different theologies separate from one another. Some of the things you will study in this course are: The Work of the Holy Spirit, doctrines of perseverance, sanctification, and different aspects of the church. What a great way to get Bible college level studies of scripture.