Beholding God in his glory

channing kilgore, room 212C ~ For all adults

Beholding God in His glory: What does it mean to see God in His glory? How does this relate to our Christian life? To prayer? To evangelism/missions? To discipleship? To counseling? To how we study and teach the bible? Come join us as we learn to encounter God Himself and how we can make that the reality for which we live. Please bring your bible, pen and paper to class. 

Explore the bible - mark

vern morse, room 212D ~ For all adults

This summer our MidWeek Bible Study class will study the second half of Mark. Mark is all about action. We will study Mark as we learn about Jesus and how to be like Him, following Him, doing what He did, saying what He said, and obeying His commands. As we look at Him and look at ourselves we will continue our transformation of looking more like Jesus. 

The meaning of marriage

duane geib, room 212E ~ For all adults

A book study from The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. This book is one of the most intense books on marriage. This book study is valuable for all people, single or married, married for a short period of time, or married for a long time. This book will again bring us face to face with the wonder of what God intended in a marriage relationship. If you intend to join this class, please see Duane asap to get a book.