Explore the Bible - Genesis 25-50

Tommy Woodard, Room 212D ~ For all adults

In this study we will discover the roots of the gospel. In the midst of sin, brokenness, and jealousy, we find God using imperfect people to advance His perfect plans. Both transformation and redemption is found in these early stories of God working in history.

Reaching the nations

...within our reach

John Putman, Room 212C ~ For all adults

An introduction to the far off peoples God has brought near. During the class we will develop an awareness of who they are, where they are. We will apply Biblical insight to this group of people. As we begin to learn of these far off people we will practice targeted prayer that allows God to build a vision for personal, family and church engagement.

Theological foundations I

Aaron earls, Room 212E ~ for all adults

The Theological Foundations I course is an attempt to systematically present what the Apostle Paul called “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). The student’s learning will be solidified through class discussion and various homework assignments. This course will encompass both sessions of the Winter Midweek Classes, progressing through roughly the first half of a systematic theology.