Discipling as jesus discipled

Duane geib, Room 212C ~ For all adults

If Jesus was the greatest discipler, what were the characteristics of His life and ministry that caused Him to be that way? Join us as we examine the life of Jesus and discover the six priorities that were the patterns of His life. Then, we will see how these six priorities are found in the early church...because Jesus made disciples who made disciples. 

ETB: Galatians & James

Brian reed, Room 212D ~ For all adults

The Church at Corinth was a church beset with problems, and yet, a church that wanted answers.  Paul writes to the church to talk with them about the problems they were having, and also, to answer specific questions they had about church life.  Get an inside look as we read Paul’s letter to this church whom he loves dearly. 

New Testament Survey

Aaron earls, Room 212E ~ for all adults

New Testament Survey: The Apostolic Witness to Jesus Christ is a course

surveying the message of the New Testament. This course is an attempt to present the message of Jesus Christ through his Apostles. Students will be able to show how the entire New Testament bears witness to Jesus the Messiah as the Lord of the universe, the fulfillment of all of God’s promises, and the Savior and Satisfier of his people.