covering 3bc kids

Dear 3BC Family:

Hopefully, you’ve heard about the exciting new project for 3BC. This is something that will make entering our building safe and convenient for families, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to our facility. Here are the details:

In 2019, our Stewardship Committee and Building & Grounds Committee approved moving forward to explore the possibility of removing the metal staircase on the north side of our main building and replacing it with a covered drop-off for families to enter the building, especially those with young children. The staircase has become unsightly and dangerous, and we felt removing this staircase and providing covered drop-off was needed.

An architect was secured, meetings were held, and the drawing enclosed with this letter is the result. As we moved ahead with the project, bids were received for the project, and the committees settled on a company from middle Tennessee. At that point, the Stewardship Committee named this project “Covering 3BC Kids”.

The total cost of the project comes in at $191,000.

To this date, $180,563 has already been given to help with this project. That means, our church needs to give $10,437 to complete the project. Both committees feel we can raise this amount through our offerings and eliminate the need for a loan.

(In January, we paid off the loan balance that necessitated the Annual Fund. That monthly loan payment was $6,000. Obviously, we don’t have that commitment now.)

Our plan is to receive offerings for “Covering 3BC Kids” each Sunday in the month of May. Promoting the project now allows for everyone to prepare to give to this offering along with our usual MAP tithes.

Construction is planned to begin in June, following VBS, and to be completed in August.

Again, we are excited about moving forward with this project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the members of the Stewardship Committee, the Building & Grounds Committee.


Mark A. Moore

Executive Pastor