When we gather...

...we are giving God the glory he alone deserves. Worship is our response to the gospel - God's redeeming plan. As we worship, you'll have the opportunity to respond to the gospel as you sing, pray, fellowship, and hear the Word preached. And, we're not concerned about a particular style. We're more concerned about expressing and experiencing the gospel.

Where music is concerned, you might hear and sing an old hymn, a contemporary song, or, perhaps, a new hymn composed this year. We use a rhythm group - guitars, drums, piano - along with a brass section to accompany our singing. We might even sing without instruments. Every time we gather, what we do will point to the gospel and our hope in Jesus Christ. 

What your wear is not as important as being here. Since we're a multi-generational church, you'll see everything from coat-and-tie to jeans and flip-flops. And, we won't ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Our gathering begins at 10:00 am.