A Journey Toward Easter

A Day of Prayer and Fasting for March 17, 2018

We ask that the family of 3BC fast during the Saturdays of the Season of Lent as we prepare our hearts for Easter. This Devotional is provided to help us focus on this day.

Please Read

Psalm 102

Psalm 108

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Mark 9:14-29

The Season of Lent

There is a “bright sadness” to the Lenten journey - a distinct awareness, begun with ashes, that we are frail. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday with an honest look at ourselves and the world. We are called to embrace humility and repentance instead of hubris and pride. Ashes remind us of our mortality and need of forgiveness. We are on a journey toward Easter. What begins with ashes ends with resurrection.

An excerpt from ncdublin.net

Last week we asked the family of 3BC to meditate and contemplate on our propensity to sin. We realized as we read the scriptures that we are “prone to wander” and the OT was given to us to give us examples of people in sin so that we might evaluate ourselves.

Today, in our fasting, just meditate on our (your) general frailty as a human being. Read through Psalm 102 again. Look at all the descriptions that show our frailty; trouble, days vanish, withered like grass, groaning, ruins, solitary, taunt, eat ashes, tears, thrown aside.

On one hand it seems pretty depressing to “mediate” and “contemplate” on these things. And yet, that is what the Lenten season is about. To meditate and contemplate our frailty. But we don’t stop there!

As we meditate on our frailty, we rejoice in the God of Psalm 108. Read that Psalm again! Sing that again! As you fast today, as you feel the rumble of hunger, think on your frailty. But automatically let your thoughts turn to the God you serve who is not frail. He has a faithful love, a faithfulness, a glory, a saving hand. He rescues. Be confident in Him. Praise Him. Sing to Him. Sing to Him with your whole being. Exalt Him!

Although you are frail, you are victorious because of your LORD God.

Although you are frail, without hope, and “poor in spirit,” the LORD God sent His Son Jesus to live for you, die for you, and be raised for you so that you will have that victory.