Howdy and Happy Spring ministry partners,


I hope this email finds you well.  I wanted to send you out a brief update on how things have been going at Velocity.  Hang on tight…here we go!!!


Easter - On Easter Sunday we had 79 in attendance and had one of those accept Christ that Sunday.  It was a wonderful day celebrating our Lord and Savior.  Please continue to pray as we reach out in to our community and share the Love of Christ!!


Sermon Series - on the heels of Easter we started a new sermon series - JOSEPH - FROM THE PIT TO THE PALACE.  You can pray for us as we walk through the life of Joseph.  It’s been eye opening for so many people as we have seen GOD use a completely dysfunctional family to bring about his purposes and save a people.  At Velocity, we are GROWING FAMILY OF A GOOD FATHER.  It’s been encouraging to see GOD use this family in the OT, and be reminded that GOD wants to bless and use our family today.  


Membership - We've offered two membership classes this spring and have had a total of 36 adults attend.  Our membership system is as follows.  You first attend a class.  After the class, you have a follow up conversation with a pastor to ensure salvation and baptism.  After the conversation, you sign the covenant and are presented on a Sunday morning.  We are hoping to keep cycling this process over and over.  We have people ready to go through the class, we have people waiting and ready for the conversation part of the process.  AND…this past Sunday we presented the VERY FIRST VELOCITY CHURCH MEMBERS!!  We had 18 adults sign the Covenant and plant their lives at Velocity Church.  The picture below is not the greatest, but you can at least see a little bit of it.  It was awesome and a great step forward.  


Small Groups - you can be praying as we start our first semester of small groups coming out of our membership class.  Part of being a member of Velocity is being in community.  You can't do life alone.  Next week we launch TWO small groups.  These two groups will meet for a semester of 8 weeks.  This fall the goal is to go to THREE small groups.  We are excited about launching these groups in key areas around our church where we have families coming (PRICE HILL, DELHI, BRIDGETOWN).  You can be praying for us as we reach out in to these communities and invite more and more people to be a part of our growing family!


Prayer Requests:

- Our Mission Team that we had scheduled for April was moved to July.  That are heading up to do a BLOCK PARTY for us then.  Be praying for this that we can have a tremendous outreach over that weekend.

- Pray for our small groups starting up next week.

- Pray for our family and three boys.

- Pray for safety around our church.  In the past two weeks, there have been four cars broken in to, and one of those was stolen.  

- The last part of May we have the opportunity to get out of town for a while.  We are SO looking forward to this.  Pray that it’s a time of rest, relaxation, and recharging.  


We love you and are grateful for your partnership.  Thank you for helping us in Cincinnati.  May GOD bless you in your work.


Have a great month.



Steven Staton
Lead Pastor
Velocity Church :: a growing family of a good Father