Week of Prayer

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

As we continue to prepare our spirits for spiritual renewal, read John 15:1-8. Pray through this scripture. Read it slowly. Talk to the Father about what you are reading. Pray these words back to the Father. Take special notice that you can do nothing…nothing…apart from Jesus. Ask the Father to drive that point home to you through the Holy Spirit. Also note, that as we bear fruit (Fruit of the Spirit and reproducing believers) that we prove to be a disciple (follower) of Jesus.

  • Pray for the Father to continue to reveal to you your need of Him
  • Pray for 3BC that the entire family would realize our need for Jesus
  • Continue to pray for spiritual renewal in our church family
  • Continue to pray for an anticipation and expectation of God working among us
  • Pray for the people in your LIFE Group, that they are seeking spiritual renewal
  • Pray for our Pastors, that they will continue to be led by the Spirit
  • Pray for Randy Davis, who is leading our week of Spiritual Renewal, that he will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead us in spiritual renewal
  • Pray for Mark and our worship team as they lead us in praise during our meetings
  • Pray for the people of Murfreesboro/Rutherford County, that God’s Spirit will bring revival to this county
  • Pray for specific people by name in your sphere of influence that they would be drawn to the Father
  • Pray God gives you opportunities to share with people, that you have the discernment to see those opportunities, and boldness to take the opportunities
  • Pray that God uses 3BC to draw these specific people to Him
  • Pray that God will save these specific people