Week of Prayer

Friday, August 18, 2017

As we read through John’s Gospel we see Jesus repeatedly telling his hearers that all He does, He does because of the Father, He only tells them what the Father tells Him to say, His works are the works of the Father. He repeatedly, constantly exalts the Father.

We want the people of Rutherford County to not see 3BC, we want them to see the glory of God. We want them to see God glorified through changed lives, lives changed because people have surrendered themselves to Jesus as King, and make Him King in every aspect of their life.

Pray for:

  • Jesus to be King in your life
  • Your changed life as you allow Jesus to be King of every aspect of your life
  • For your friends to see Jesus as King in your life
  • For your friends to want what they see in your life
  • For your friends to glorify God because of what they see in your life
  • The 3BC Family to allow Jesus to be King of our church
  • The 3BC Family, as individuals, to submit to the Holy Spirit
  • The Pastors of 3BC, that they would make Jesus King
  • Your Life group members; pray for them by name that they will be renewed
  • Your LIFE Group Prayer Fellowships
  • Our prayer meetings next week
  • The Pastors as they lead the prayer meetings
  • Randy Davis as He continues to seek what the Holy Spirit wants Him to say
  • Pray for Mark and our worship team as they lead us in praise during our meetings
  • The 3BC Family to anticipate and sense the Holy Spirit moving in us
  • Pray God gives you opportunities to share with people, that you have the discernment to see those opportunities, and boldness to take the opportunities
  • God to draw people to Him
  • God to save people
  • Thank God that He desires that no one should perish but that all should come to repentance