Deacon Qualifications & Infomation



(Bylaws, Article 2, Section 2)

Qualifications shall be as follows:

Deacon shall:

1. The church shall call men to the office of deacon for the purpose of serving in the ministries of the church. Using  Acts 6:3 and 1 Timothy 3:8-10, 12-13 as its guide for the qualifications of the office, the Church shall nominate and approve men to serve as deacon. As to being the husband of one wife, the candidate for deacon shall not have been previously divorced. 

2. The number of Deacons shall be determined by electing one deacon for every twenty families that are members of the church. Deacons shall be elected to serve for three (3) calendar years, unless the deacon is filling an unexpired term. Each year, those Deacons completing a three-year term of service shall rotate from active status on the Deacon body. After one (1) year of not being an active deacon, the deacon may be reelected by the Church to serve a new three-year term. At a regular or specially-called Members’ Meeting, the Church shall elect deacons by ballot. The Deacons must be elected by a majority vote of those members present.

3. The election of Deacons shall begin with the Church nominating the prospective Deacons by ballot on two consecutive Sundays. To be presented before the Church for election, the nominee must receive at least three nominations during the nomination process. After proper consultation concerning qualifications with a duly-selected Committee comprised of the Deacons and the Pastors, the qualified men shall be presented to the Church for election within one month following their nomination. Deacons shall take office at the next regular Deacons’ meeting following their election.

4. When the number of Deacons needs to be increased during the year, the Church shall follow the same process as outlined above.

5. Deacons are especially charged with the watch-care of the members and distribution of the Lord’s Supper.

6. Deacons shall elect their own officers and shall meet monthly. The Pastors and the Deacon Chairman may call for a special meeting as needed.

7. Deacon Committees shall include Lord’s Supper, Baptismal, and any other Committees deemed necessary to the ministry of the Deacons.

8. The Chairman of Deacons will serve as Ex-Officio member of all Committees.

2017 Deacon Nomination Ballot

Following nominations, nominees will participate in the screening process to determine their qualifications and willingness to serve. The following men are not eligible for nomination. They have currently rotated off, are currently serving as a deacon or are members of the church staff. 

Scott Adams

Jorge Arenivas

Russell Austin

Ed Biddix

Jackie Briggs

Ray Colley

Casey Colter

Ricky Crabtree

Ed Davis

Billy Fields

Jeff Fuqua

Duane Geib

Dan Gruenke

Bruce Hicklen

Shawn Hicklen

Shad Holloman

Lannie Hudson

Steve Hutson

Chris Kelly

Randy King

Adam Lickey

Andy Lile

Chad Mackens

Jody Miller

Mark Moore

Phil Nixon

Charles Phillips

Sam Spradling

Ryan Vaden

Matt Vance

Aaron Ward

Terry West

Bruce Wrather

Mike Wheeler